Touch Me Not - The Campaign

In view of the prevalence of Sexual Abuse and Rape incidences amongst the young ones perpetuated by mostly family members, The AMAZING AMAZON INITIATIVE has instituted the “TOUCH ME NOT” Campaign which is an Awareness Program for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools Nationwide to sensitize children below age 18 on Sexual Abuse, Violence and Rape. These young innocent children often fall prey mostly to those they trust and they take advantage of them.

The nationwide awareness campaign is designed to fight this menace by educating these young children about Sexual abuse and its dangers. It is important we start the sensitization in schools in order to catch them young as several of them are already victims of abuse an they do not even realize it’s abuse.

Adults as we know are already set in their ways. So taking the campaign to these innocent children who easily fall prey to them gives us the dual opportunity of assisting those among them who are victims of these ills and also conscientize them against indulging in such when they become adults.

Among other things, the TOUCH ME NOT campaign aims to raise awareness among young boys and girls on the negative effects of sexual abuse and other forms of gender-based violence and provide relevant training programmes on the cause and effect of sexual abuse and other forms of gender-based violence to school students.

It also aims to offer psychological support to survivors of sexual abuse and other terms of gender-based violence and improve the psychological well being of child survivors of sexual abuse, gender- based violence and relationship disharmony.

 With the shocking reality of what is going on in our society now with the everyday report of children being sexually molested and scores of others going unreported, it is important we talk to our children about the signs and dangers of this menace rearing its ugly head threatening their mental, psychological and sexual health.

We believe creating this awareness will help them know the wrongs in sexual abuse, rape and all forms of abuse the signs to watch out for and how to get help.

The programme would entail a 45 Minutes enlightenment and sensitization talk with your School Students on the definition and types of Sexual Abuse, potential abusers and how to identify them, how to protect themselves from abusers and what to do if abused.

The students would have the opportunity to ask our facilitators questions after the session. We would also assist them with Counselors to deal with the trauma of abuse where need be.

The TOUCH ME NOT Campaign also goes to CHURCHES. We speak to Children, Preteens and Teenagers in the Children and Junior Church on the same subject. And just like in Schools, we also speak to parents and help them learn how to protect their children against Sexual Abuse.

Call Us if you or someone you know is in danger or is being abused.

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