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Welcome to the Amazing Amazon Initiative

The AMAZING AMAZON is a support group for women from all walks of life dedicated to their empowerment, enhancement, upliftment, personal growth and development. It is an ACTION orientated group that would not just preach about women empowerment or betterment but will take practical steps and actions to support and assist women in all areas of their lives; Business, Relationship, Career, Marriage, Parenting e.t.c

To foster a network of vibrant and diverse women with shared passion to change lives and discover purpose.


We are driven to support and help women who express the desire to connect, heal and learn to achieve oneness, greater balance, joy, self-esteem, the fullness of being a woman and a sense of purpose in the world through practical mentoring, coaching and trainings.


The popular adage “Women are Women’s worst enemy will never be said of us! We will practice genuine and true love for all women.

We would always lend a helping hand to a woman dealing with anything. We would make progress together, not alone. We’re ready to trust, partner and stand with one another to achieve a better life!

We would continually seek ways to improve our lot in life by making time out for trainings, mentoring and coaching.

This Forum is NOT for you if…

You are not open to learning, You cannot be loved and give love, You already know everything about being a well balanced woman, You cannot accommodate beliefs and opinions of others because they are different from yours. You do not have a need to connect and network, You have the attitude of always wanting to receive and you are never willing to give back. You are judgmental, critical of others and love to gossip. You do not and will never need a form of support in life!

China Business Tour

One country a visionary Entrepreneur who wants to expand his/her business horizon must visit is China!

However it isn’t easy to jump on a flight and roam the streets of China all by yourself . The reason Amazing Amazon Initiative has put this together!

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur ; thinking of transiting from 9/5 to being your own boss, this is for you!

You have some funds but not sure where to invest ? This is for you. You are sure to find business inspiration right in the heart beat if world business headquarters!

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All donations should made out to:

Amazing Amazon Dev & Emp Initiative
Account no is 0086943670
Diamond Bank

In a bid to help us reach out to as many people as possible who are in need, a penny here and a penny there can go a long way. Thank you as you make a donation.


In view of the prevalence of Sexual Abuse and Rape incidences amongst the young ones perpetuated by mostly family members, The AMAZING AMAZON INITIATIVE has instituted the “TOUCH ME NOT” Campaign which is an Awareness Program for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools Nationwide to sensitize children below age 18 on Sexual Abuse, Violence and Rape. These young innocent children often fall prey mostly to those they trust and they take advantage of them.

The nationwide awareness campaign is designed to fight this menace by educating these young children about Sexual abuse and its dangers. It is important we start the sensitization in schools in order to catch them young as several of them are already victims of abuse an they do not even realize it’s abuse.

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  • Leadership Programs
  • Entrepreneurial/Business Coaching
  • Soft Skill Acquisition
  • Marriage Counseling, Parenting Classes
  • Vocational Skills Acquisition
  • Self Development and Motivational Sessions