Upcoming Events

One country a visionary Entrepreneur who wants to expand his/her business horizon must visit is China!

However it isn’t easy to jump on a flight and roam the streets of China all by yourself . The reason Amazing Amazon Initiative has put this together!

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur ; thinking of transiting from 9/5 to being your own boss, this is for you!

You have some funds but not sure where to invest ? This is for you. You are sure to find business inspiration right in the heart beat if world business headquarters!

You are already and entrepreneur but need other source of income, this is an opportunity for you to explore other options.

You don’t want to quit your 9/5 but need a side hustle? This is a perfect opportunity for you to be a representative of a company or become a franchisee here in Nigeria.

The Canton Fair is where all world manufacturers, CEOs, MDs of world business meet in China.

This is your opportunity to meet them one on one!

Serious interest should please send a mail to info@theamazingamazon.org